July 24 2020
At the beginning of March I lost my job at Antipodeans - a local business offering overseas placements for university students and international expeditions for secondary school students. 
After having children, it took a lot to regain confidence again to reenter the workforce after so many years giving my small business Hannmaid a shot from home providing me with the flexibility to spend quality time with our gorwing family.
At the end of March, I lost my old man, one of my best friends and the coolest Dad. He was an absolute champion and fought so hard to the very end. He died too young. Dad was fit as a fiddle and had endless hobbies which he has passed on to me and my siblings. He loved creating things too. Mostly in his woodwork shed. He always had the biggest smile when he saw me creating on the sewing machine he purchased me. 
The last photograph taken by Dad was of me visiting him in hospital. I'd been giving him foot rubs and this shot he took was of that. Too painful to laugh at this image of his youngest daughter, perhaps he felt he needed to capture this moment of me massaging his feet all covered up in a face mask. Or perhaps he knew only too well where we were heading..
Feeling so numb with sadness about losing Dad and not being able to properly grieve yet with my family who are in the country. I felt couped up inside our small house with two young girls and a hard working husband in metro Melbourne and I was about to lose my mind I decided to get my sewing machine out again. 
My five year old had been asking me to make her teddy's some clothes so there I began. It felt good to be creative again, inspired by my daughters desire to make which she did a lot of with her Grandad Al and I am forever grateful for this.
If you need a reusable cotton face mask, I'll be making them until my fabrics run out. 
All profits will go to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. My family and I will be organising a community walk for this charity as soon as we can.